Should I Get My baby on A Schedule?

Don’t obsess about the clock.

It would be nice to know when the baby will be sleeping and when the baby will need to feed.  Trying to force a schedule on your baby will make life harder.  It is hard to deal with a crying baby when the clock says feeding time is an hour away.  Using your intuition and following the baby’s cues can help ensure a successful long-term breastfeeding relationship. Whenever the baby is hungry, always feed the baby.  

When in doubt always feed on demand.

The only true way to make more milk is to allow the baby to demand more breast milk. With a

newborn we should expect to feed every 2-3 hours around the clock for the first 2-3 weeks in

order to establish an adequate milk supply.  Some babies will cluster feed, feeding very frequently for short periods of time.  Over time you and your baby will develop your own schedule.