Latch-on is the way a baby attaches to the breast.  A good latch-on is important to:

  • Make sure baby gets enough milk out from the breast 

  • Avoid sore nipples

  • Help your breasts make more milk

"Remember babies breastfeed, they don't nipple feed"

A Breastfeeding Checklist:  Are You Nursing Correctly?

Signs of Correct Nursing

  • Your baby's mouth is open wide with lips out.

  • His/her chin and nose are resting against the breast.

  • He/she has taken as much of the areola as possible into his/her mouth.

  • He/she is suckling rhythmically and deepley, in short bursts separated by pauses.

  • You can hear your baby swallowing regularly.

  • Your nipple is comfortable after the first few suckles.

Signs of Incorrect Nursing

  • Your baby's head is not in line with his/her body.

  • He/she is suckling on the nipple only, instead of suckling on the areola with the nipple far back in the her mouth.

  • He/she is suckling in a light, fluttery mannar rather than taking deep, regular sucks.

  • His/her cheeks are puckered inward or you hear clicking noises.

  • You don'r hear her swallow regularly after your milk production has increased.

  • You experience pain throughout the feed or have signs of nipple damage (such as cracking or bleeding)