Mountain Interagency Lactation Coalition (MILC)

Mission and Vision

Mission:    To promote, support, and advocate breastfeeding in Plumas, Sierra, Lassen and Modoc Counties through community collaboration, education and outreach.


Vision:    That breastfeeding will be considered the “norm” in Plumas, Sierra,  Modoc and Lassen Counties for at least the first year of life and preferably longer.


Policy:    Infant feeding choice is an important health issue.  Many more women would choose to breastfeed their infants if they are given an opportunity to make an informed choice and the support to successfully follow through.  It is our intention to educate, support, and address barriers to breastfeeding in order to improve the health of women and infants.


It is our policy to use a multidisciplinary team approach to:

•    Provide education on the benefits of breastmilk allowing women to make an informed choice.

•    Ensure that all mothers have access to appropriate breastfeeding information and lactation management.

•    Provide early lactation management for breastfeeding challenges and barriers to avoid the detrimental effects of                     introducing artificial infant milk.

•    Facilitate breastfeeding training for health care providers.

•    Support the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative.

•    Provide a referral network for health care providers.

•    Provide referral follow-up within 48 hours of referral.


MILC members: Plumas Rural Services WIC, Sierra Cascade Family Opportunities Head Start, Plumas County Public Health Agency, Lassen-Banner Medical Center, Sierra County Health Department, Sierra County WIC, Northeastern Rural Health WIC and Modoc County Public Health.

For more information contact Katy Dyrr at Plumas Rural Services (530) 283-4093