How Can I Tell if My Baby is Getting Enough?

Feed Frequently

It is quite common to wonder if your baby is truly drinking enough milk at the  breast.  It's nearly impossible to measure the milk, because it can't be seen.  So, how do you tell if baby is getting enough?

For the first few days, your breast will be making colostrum for your baby.  This first milk is thick and sticky but very nutritious and important for baby's immune system.  Your baby will likely feed often, 8-12 times in a 24 hour period.  This frequent nursing in the early days helps to signal your breasts to make plenty of milk for your baby. 

After about two to four days, your milk will "come in" and become plentiful.  Your baby will continue to nurse often and start to gain weight. 

When you're breastfeeding you can't just tell your breasts to produce more ounces.  But if you go along with your baby's need to nurse very often for about 48 hours, your milk supply will be built up.

  • Newborn babies have small stomachs, about the size of their closed fist.  They need to breastfeed 10 or more times in 24 hours.

  • Do not try to put your baby on a schedule, feed your baby on demand when she is hungry.

  • If your baby sleeps a lot, you may need to wake her up for some feedings.

  • Let your baby decide when to end the feeding.

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