Breastfeeding and the Law

What Law Protects a Mother's Right to Express Milk at Work?

California Labor Code Section 1030-1033 is a law that offers protections for all working moms so that they can continue to breastfeed even after they return to work.  

  • Employers must provide

       A clean, private place,​​​

        other than a bathroom to express breastmilk.

  • Reasonable break time

        for you to express breastmilk at work.  Most mothers will need to pump 2-3 times during the work day for 20-30                                  minutes .  If pumping takes longer than your normal break time, your employer does not need to pay you for the extra time.

  • For more information about your rights under the law, or to file a complaint, contact the California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. 


         Or call the the Legal Aid Society at 1-800-880-8047.